Casa Orfea


Orfea's story

"Known for decades as L’Esquinade, our hotel became Casa Orfea in 2019.

What had been Algajola-born fisherman’s hostel for years came to be Orfea’s house, named after an ancestress of the new owners. 

Deep-rooted in the sixties yet out of time and space, the old building of Hotel Casa Orfea retains the charm of a family business, especially the authenticity and simplicity of a boarding house on the Corsican shore.

The hotel keepers — Orfea’s great grandchildren — will warmly welcome you . Unlikely standardized hotels, they tend to develop a genuine connection with their guests. 

Hoping to meet you there !"
esquinade algajola

L'Esquinade Hotel

Françoise - Algajola's first teacher - and her husband André Pariggi founded Hôtel l'Esquinade in the sixties. A couple of years later, Marie-Françoise, who married Marino - André and Françoise's son - fisherman like his father, took over the hotel. Hôtel l'Esquinade was an institution in Algajola. Still today, many travelers remember the warm atmosphere of the place as well as the family's hospitality. 

Family-run Hotel

From a family to another, the hotel got new owners but we carry the torch ! While staying at Casa Orfea, you may meet the whole family : the grand-mother stoping by to say hello and dropping some home-made jam or the aunt who is used to having her morning coffee before going to work. More than a hotel, Casa Orfea is a holiday home where it feels good to stay.
Hotel de charme corse algajola

Vintage Seaside Decor

Off-white and Verdigris are our favorite colors. These tints evoke a peaceful landscape by the sea - a mixture of sand, salt water and sea breeze. The coastal atmosphere is also found in the decoration, through pine-tree-covered beach & seaside flowers wallpapers and vintage fish traps. Our decoration is simple and materials are natural - linen, rattan, terrazzo and seagrass...